Carol Ireton-Jones, PhD,RDN,LD - Nutrition Therapy Specialist/Consultant & FODMAPs expert
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Carol S. Ireton-Jones, PhD, RDN,CNSC, FAND, FASPEN is a Nutrition Therapy Specialist headquartered in Dallas Texas. 
Nationally recognized nutrition therapy specialist, with extensive experience in clinical patient care; wellness and health, nutrition coaching, project and personnel leadership/management; marketing nutrition services; development and implementation of educational programs and research protocols; and innovative project development.

Expertise includes:
  • Nutrition Support, GI expertise - IBS - FODMAPs expert  
  • Research/Consultant  
  • National and International Speaker          
To make an appointment: 
call:     972.533.3050
office: 5805 Preston Road, Suite 594
           (Inside Utopia Food and Fitness)           
           Plano, TX 75093

The Ireton-Jones Equations
The Ireton-Jones equations for estimating energy requirements in hospitalized patients are widely used nationally and internationally.
 Ireton-Jones Energy Equations IJEE 
 IJEE(v) = 1784 - 11(A)+ 5(W)+244 (G) + 239(T) + 804(B)    2002 version
 IJEE(v) = 1925 – 10(A) + 5(W) +281 (G) +292 (T) +851 (B)   1992 version
Spontaneously Breathing:
IJEE(s) = 629 - 11 (A) + 25 (W) - 609 (O) 
IJEE = kcal/day; A = age (yrs); W = actual wt(kg); G = gender(male=1, female=0); T = trauma, B = burn, O=obesity( if present=1, absent=0)
No additional factor is added for activity or injury